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The Jack Badger team

Based in a workshop in the English Peak District and surrounded by rolling hills and countryside the team take great pride in ensuring all their work is designed and finished to a high standard that is uniquely Jack Badger.

What we do

Jack Badger has been expert carpenters and masons for over two decades, producing some breathtaking wood and stonework for some of the countries finest homes. As they are a creative bunch they have recently turned their hand to a wider range of home interior products. Products they believe meet their strict standards and values. Handmade, high quality and a beautiful addition to your home.

A handmade Jack Badger socket and switch is the new way to compliment the style of any room and solves the problem of ugly white plastic switches and sockets spoiling the look of your room! These products benefit from both technically modern inserts and beautifully crafted oak surrounds. Each product is handmade by one of Jack Badgers skilled team of artisans. We know it can take a lot of searching for those finishing touches that complete the look of your room so why compromise on the little details that truly set your décor apart? Whether you prefer Shabby Chic vintage or a more contemporary light switch, the Jack Badger team has something special for you.

There really is a style to suit every taste. Just follow the Jack Badger simple 3 step process and find the perfect switch or socket for you.

First select your item, whether it is a toggle light switch or a data socket, Jack Badger has got the product to suit your needs. Then simply choose which metal plate you desire from our range with options such as the modern black nickel to more traditional chrome, you will find a selection that will compliment your home perfectly. The final step is to choose the unique handmade surround to match your socket or switch. All of our surrounds fit flush around your switch and are all handmade using only the finest sustainable wood. The team are experts in working with oak however they have recently added a fabulous black american walnut and stunning cherry wood to the ranges.

You can mix and find your perfect match!

The talented Jack Badger team would also like to introduce their new range of wooden surrounds made specifically for nursery's and beach houses. As with all our light switches and sockets you can mix and match any wooden surround with any metal plate to make your own personal and perfect combination.

Who are we

Our team has been creating handmade products for the home since 1984. They have spent this passage of time wisely perfecting their skills to become the master craftsmen they are today. Jack Badger was formed when the team, more family than friends, joined together to spread their philosophy through every product they created.